Blunts Not Batons

Cops Need To Chill.

The treaty to the war on drugs because, in war, we all lose. Please share our two-pronged approach to ending police brutality required to catch slaves:

1. Allow cops the freedom and liberty off-duty to participate in medical and/or recreational state cannabis laws as citizens, too.

2. Ask the police to turn in their tools of offense for any cannabis-derived product as a community policing tool.  


Cannabis Justice Is Racial Justice.

Give law enforcement de-escalation tools 

     America must have difficult conversations; we recommend starting from a place the majority of Americans agree.

     Blunts Not Batons is the blueprint challenging Government Officials, First Responders, and industry leaders to participate in socially engineering an environment conducive for reconciliation on racial injustice. 

     We work to improve public relations by cultivating empathy between public servants and the people they swore to protect and serve.



Repeal The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937



Allow Cannabis In County and City Jails



Allow Cannabis in State Prisons

About Us

To Be The Change We Wish To See, we practice policy over personalities.

     Blunts Not Batons is in the process of forming into an S-corp, owned and operated collectively. We are piloted by elected Blind Co-Corporate Executive Officers.

     Blunts Not Batons is in the incubation stage of filing to be a Benefit Corporation.

     Blunts Not Batons is a public relations firm. Our recommendation to end slavery is Martin Luther King Jr's dream of economic equality; Universal Basic Income.

     We have no merchandise available until it serves our mission to heal racial injustice. We ask that you please forward any monetary funds to our competitors Equal Justice Initiative at  

     Stay dope,

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